Saturday, February 8, 2014

All Promotion companies I host for and Authors - Important message....

Please have patience.

I am having problems with my computer, it is trying to do a fix, but does not seem to be able to do it.  It is looking more like I am going to have to call and get them to send me a box so I can send it back into get fixed, and hope I don't lose my eBooks and data in the process.  I will try to communicate from my daughter and son-in-laws computer when I can.  I use Microsoft office 2007 outlook to download all my email, so all that is on my computer as well.  But I will look in my online access to see if I can find the important emails not deleted yet.  I will be down for at least a couple of weeks, and this is upsetting me as I just had to send my computer in for repair in November, this time it has to do with driver issues and not sure what else. So this puts me in at an unfortunate standstill with my blog hosting as well.  Which, now more than ever I know I am going to have to get all my eBooks off the computer and on a backup hard-drive, I had been so busy catching up and getting back on track I hadn't figured I would have computer problems and which angers me to no end.  Especially when I normally buy my computers from best buy so I can have geek squad coverage, the kids replaced my last laptop because my grandson being a toddler at the time messed up my last laptop.  When the did they bought from Walmart and got their warranty thing that they have now, so I can get it fixed, it is just a longer process, and I dislike buying computers from Walmart, for this very reason.  I know I am ranting, I am just so blessed mad that I never had these kind of issues from computers I bought through Best Buy as to where buying one from Walmart has become tedious.  Anyway as soon as I can get back on track, I will inform everyone.  I will try to keep up with what I can, but eBooks that are on my computer will not be able to be read and reviewed as well as hosting media that I am scheduled for.  Thank you for understanding and baring with me as I get this fixed and everything back on track.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this will and is causing everyone, including myself, because I don't need this frustration and aggravation for me or everyone I am committed to host and do book reviews for.

Dalene K Rodman

I cannot call the Walmart Warranty Center until Monday, I am still trying to get back on my laptop in the meantime.  If I can fix it myself, I will contact everyone and catch up immediately.  If not, It will be two to three weeks to get it fixed, I pray sooner.

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