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Two of my grandsons and myself February 2015

I am a mom of three sons and one daughter, I have five grandsons and I also have two step grand-daughters and two step grandsons.  My children and grandchildren are the most precious people in my life.  I love too read, I have been reading since I was very young.  Reading has also helped me through some of the roughest times in my life.  I enjoy reading several genres, with paranormal, urban fantasy, fantasy and Historical Romance being my favorites.  I love most genres of music as well, with classic rock being my favorite.  I just recently started doing reviews on books, I hope I get better at it, because I enjoy being able to share what I think of a book.  Unfortunately none of my children picked up my love of reading, so I have not really had anyone to share my passion of books with.   

I have been through a lot in my life and reading as helped me get through quite a bit of it.   I am listed with goodreads, that is where I started out for the first time being in a book group and I have been enjoying it very much.  Not only do you have fellow readers you can talk books with, but you also have authors that you interact with as well.  I started doing my book reviews there, getting books from authors for a review.   I have also won many book giveaways there, that I will be working my way through and adding reviews on here.  I have signed up with NetGalley so hopefully soon I will get books from them as well.  I will let you all know how I progress on my accomplishments as a book reviewer as well as blogger.  Being a blogger is a first for me as well, so hope I do well.I will try to get some reading challenges fit in as I go, need to get myself nice and organized.  In the meanwhile I am adding my 2013 reading goal.  Lets see if I can get it done, especially since I did not even join anything until last month.  So I am looking at it as I have already read 18 books so far since I started and lets see what I can do when finished.  

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