Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Release Day Promo (Guest Post) by Katie Cross for Antebellum Awakening

Today we have author Katie Cross on the blog to talk about her day to celebrate the release of Antebellum Awakening, Book Two in the Network Series. Don't miss out on book one, Miss Mabel's School for Girls (only .99 cents for a limited time!).

So it begins . . .

0700- Wake up to this whining face because he wants under the covers again.
0712- Drag myself out of bed.
0740- Walk past dishes in the sink and pretend like they aren’t there.
0758- Check email.
0759- Check facebook with a promise to only stay on for ten minutes.
_______ 0854- Log off Facebook. _______
0901- Answer emails from editor, cover designer, and a new fan from United Arab Emirates.
0906: Drool over new book cover.Antebellum Awakening Releases October 15th: Available for PreOrder today!
0909- Open current work in progress.
0914- Commence staring at screen, waiting for inspiration.
1001- Finish staring at screen.
1013- Search for inspiration by making chamomile tea.
1029- Feed dogs because I forgot.
1041- Feed myself because I forgot.
1053- Log onto Pinterest to find inspiration.
_______ 1245- Log off Pinterest. _______
1306- Return to story.
1309- Switch to the first draft of another story and free write.
1342- Stop at 2,000 words because a tweet just popped up.
1434- Log off twitter.
1459- Go to grocery store because husband insists on eating dinner. Fill up car with gas, buy 2L of Dr Pepper 10.
1601- Open current work in progress. Stare at screen. Drink 12 oz DP 10.
1634- Eat package of Miss Mabel's caramels for inspiration. Java and pretzel are the best.
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1639- Stare at screen again.
1718- Go on a hike with dogs to find inspiration in the my mountains.
Letum Wood from Miss Mabel's School for Girls
1816- Start dinner, kiss husband hello.
1841- Eat dinner while watching new episode of Big Bang Theory.
1900- Vacuum hoping a mindless task will bring inspiration
1911- Wash dishes
1921- Drops favorite dish when inspiration strikes.
1922- Abandons unwashed dishes, knocks husband down, jumps over dog, and rushes to computer. Frantically starts writing.
0333- Stops writing. Goes to bed.

Katie Cross, Author of Antebellum Awakening

Katie Cross eats a lot of cookies when she's not eating caramels. She also likes to write books. Check out her newest book, Antebellum Awakening, Book Two in the Network Series, that releases October 15th. The first book, Miss Mabel's School for Girls is available for $0.99! (Both books are available in the Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited.)
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Miss Mabel's Caramels: Win a pillow pack today!

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