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Tanza (The Astor Chronicles #2) by Amanda Greenslade

by Amanda Greenslade

Series: The Astor Chronicles #2
Print Length: 332 pages
Publisher: Australian eBook Publisher
Publication Date: August 30, 2016

Sarlice and I came to Tanza to escape from the Zeikas, and we were not prepared for a country on the brink of war. Where should our loyalties lie—to our home towns, to Tanza or to each other?

The Zeikas have their fire magic, dragons and demons, but they lack the Kriite ability to communicate across vast distances using the waves. I know one thing—the skyearls will not give up Tanza without a fight.

Soon I will have a skyearl of my own, and the miracle of flight along with it. I was slow to come into my powers in Jaria, but I was wrong to think Krii had no purpose for my life. They have a new name for me here in Tanza: Astor Talon.

‘Tanza’ is the second in “The Astor Chronicles”, a series of epic fantasy adventure novels for a new adult audience.

About the Author

Amanda Greenslade

Amanda Greenslade is an Australian writer of YA-adult fantasy and children's books. She aims to make every book she writes entertaining and thought-provoking.

In her Myra and the Magic Motorcycle series, children are given an exciting tale and a fun platform for learning about the world around them, especially the different cultures and places around the world and some of the social problems we face.

In her Astor Chronicles, she presents a world where spiritual magic is part of everyday life, from the shape-changing Rada to the flame-wielding Zeikas. If you enjoy classic good vs evil high fantasy with lots of action and creatures, this is a great series for you.

Amanda completed a Bachelor of Communication majoring in writing and screen production at Griffith University in 2003. The Managing Director of Australian eBook Publisher, a self-publishing service, Amanda is a multi-skilled communicator and designer. She has knowledge and experience in writing, editing, publishing, graphic design, book layout, web design and marketing.

Tanza (The Astor Chronicles Book 2)Tanza by Amanda Greenslade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was gifted this advanced reader copy of Tanza from the publisher Tigerace Books through netgalley. Because I read the stuff below the description I knew there was a note from the publisher stating the following:

PLEASE read Book 1 "Talon" first. Contact publisher for the ARC: OR Book 1 "Talon" also available here on Net Galley for review!

Because of this I new that Tanza was not a standalone and that I needed to read Talon first. The book was already archived on netgalley and I could have contacted the publisher as it says for an arc, but I have kindle unlimited so I was able to get Talon on it and read it first. You want to read them in order if you do not want to feel lost.

The books do have religious overtones good against evil all black and white with extremist in both camps. It reminds me of the story of Jesus. I am not religious but am a spiritualist and just to be clear that just means I do not believe in organized religion with my own personal reasons as to why. The way it reads did not bother me at all.

Amanda has done an amazing job with her world building and character development. There is a lot of adventure in this book. The storyline is very good as with Talon I enjoyed the book and it kept me interested from beginning to end to find out what happens next. I am looking forward to the next book in this series, which I hope Amanda is already working on.

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