Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ophélie by Carole Remy

Dear Reader, Unlike my other novels, Ophélie is not a sexy fun romantic adventure.
Ophélie plunges deep into the dark, engrossing world of self-destructive sexual obsession.

Have you ever had an erotic dream so real, so intense, you weren't sure whether you'd actually fucked or not? Ophélie is a young college professor of psychology. Her husband Wes adores her. Yet she finds herself having violent erotic dreams about a male colleague. As the dreams spill over into her waking life, Ophélie's mind slowly unravels, and she succumbs to the seductive allure of a world of forbidden, humiliating, undeniable pain and pleasure. 

Have you have ever been sexually obsessed? Have you ever wondered whether you'd survive or die? Drown yourself, for a few hours, in Ophélie's world.

My Review:  May 22. 2013  Review Copy ~

OphélieOphélie by Carole Remy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First I would like to thank Carole Remy for a copy of this book for and honest review. Ophelie is at a point in her life when she starts having dreams and is trying to figure out why she is having them. It takes you into the world of pleasure and pain combined. Then within days she is also dealing with the suicide of a colleague and then a student. She ends up feeling like she is losing her mind while trying to figure herself out. If you enjoy erotica that explores the world of bdsm and pain then this book could be for you. For some people it may not be for them when you deal with some things like suicide and try to figure out the why of it.

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