Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cover Reveal - Sinfully Cursed by Steven Brown

We are proud to announce the cover reveal for

Sinfully Cursed
by Steven Brown!

Title: Sinfully Cursed
Author: Steven Brown
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Cover Reveal Date: July 10th 2014


Josef Kaviani is an average, everyman sort of guy.
He works a desk job at a local college, with a manager that he can’t stand; he lives in an apartment worth far less than he pays; he still has feelings for the girl who got away. Every Tuesday, he goes to his local mosque to pray; every Friday, he goes bowling with his friends.
It’s a comfortable routine, and it’s almost enough to let Josef forget the dark, savage secret that he keeps from most of the world.
Josef’s halfway-normal life is torn apart by the nightmares of a past he has been trying to escape for years, and the implications of a future he’s never wanted. Pulled between three factions, Josef will eventually have to make a life-shattering decision; a choice that will force him to face the truth of who, and what, he is.
Before his secrets get him, and everyone he loves, killed.

About the author:

Steven Brown is the Author of an Urban Fantasy tale known as Sinfully Cursed along with its follow up Novels. Steven was born into a Marine Family and spent his early years moving from the East Coast to the West Coast due to his parent’s relocation. With incredibly support from family and close friends, Steven successfully graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. When he is not writing, Stevens other passions include building Lego sets with his Son, researching religious texts, and studying history. Steven currently lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his Wife and Son.


3 ebook copies of Sinfully Cursed!

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