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The Vault by Jettie Necole

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Imagine an underground vault, empty, awaiting two hundred ticket holders of the finest intellect and genetic disposition to arrive. Designed to enforce a stable society to exist within its own rules, the vault is salvation for the wealthy. When a surprise nuclear attack threatens the United States, the vault's residents are driven underground to begin life anew, but one secret addition to the roster could make the entire system unravel. This is the world seventeen year old Olivia Parker finds herself locked inside, and she's not supposed to be there! Quickly she must learn and conform to the rules of this new society or face severe punishment. Surrounded by strangers, she's torn between trusting the man who forced her inside the vault or the genius who created it. If she's going to survive, she won't be able to do it alone.


 Yesterday, he’d said to her, “There will be a time, a place for grief, but now you must be strong and survive.” She’d been caught up in that image, that flash, man’s nuclear stamp, and had not really understood what happened after. The helicopter had landed, and she’d been ushered out in one fast motion, with Gavin pulling her along until her feet wouldn’t move any further, for what she saw was unimaginable. A crowd of people was before her, regular people mixed in with the military uniforms, outnumbering the military, it seemed, scurrying about carrying suitcases, garbage bags, and kids. It was as if a concert of campers had let out and they had no idea where to go. She’d had no idea where to go. Her legs wouldn’t move. Gavin had not hesitated for one second, he’d picked her up in one fast motion, carrying her in his arms and whispering those words of survival. She’d responded, “We’re going to die!” “No, we’ll live. I promise you that.” He’d said it in a way that she couldn’t doubt, the same way he’d snapped his soldiers back into their rank on the helicopter. His words had been soft yet firm, and she wanted to believe in him as his men had, with confidence. When she’d asked, “How?” and he’d said, “I’ll take care of everything. I’ll take care of you,” she’d believed him and trusted him to take her through what was before them.

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Jettie Necole is the author of the new adult novels, The Vault and Ruby. She has created two new series—A dystopian society forced underground and a paranormal war among ancient enemies. Both have characters forced into new and unusual situations. Although survival is always key, the search for love is never far away.
Born and raised in Kentucky, she spent most of her time daydreaming, taking photos, shooting movies, reading and watching Star Trek and Highlander. Having a passion for the art of storytelling and the dynamics of film production, she earned a bachelor's degree in Film & Television from the University of Texas at Austin, during which she wrote, directed, and edited her own films. After graduation she moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the Film and Television industry. Currently she lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband and their fluffy Goldendoodle named Oliver.
When she's not writing she loves reading and watching anything with romance, action, sci-fi and horror.

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The VaultThe Vault by Jettie Necole
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, I would like to thank the author Jettie Necole for giving me this book for an honest review. The story-line had promise, but I feel characters, actions, feelings and the why of these are under-developed for me. I enjoyed the book, but feel it could have been better. Keep working at it Jettie, the story has a lot of potential.

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