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Keeper of the Reign by Emma Right - Excerpt Tour

Keeper of Reign by Emma Right



Sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze is an Elfie - half elf, half fairy, living in a cursed Kingdom. The Keepers, entrusted to protect sacred Books written in blood, have long forgotten their purpose and struggle with the effects of the curse.

Jules finds himself in the crosshairs of an evil lord bent on destroying Keepers and their Books. His mother is a Keeper and she has disappeared, along with his grandparents. His father is nowhere to be found, and Jules now finds himself alone with four siblings to protect and a house ravaged by the enemies.

War rages on all sides of his homeland. Agents and assassins sent by the evil Gehzurolle are determined to kill him. Jules must find an ancient book whose secrets are the only thing that could give him answers and save him, his family and his homeland.



Ralston said, “How’d Gehzurolle even know we’re Keepers? We were always so careful not to tell anyone.”

Jules looked over his shoulders. “Gehzurolle’s not supposed to be omniscient, but his spies lurk everywhere.”

“You mean the Scorpents?”

Jules lowered his voice. “Not just. Could be Handoverans, or Elfies who’ve been bought with a price. Then there’re three others. One looks like a red flame and his name is Rage. It‘s hard to notice him, especially during a fire, although some have seen him and lived!”

“So, he’s in charge of fire?”

“Rage lives up to his name. He’s in charge of anger. That’s what Grandpa said.”

“Who else?”

“Another resembles smoke: name is Whisperer. He whispers things in the air to influence people or the weather or such. He gives them suggestions. And the third is Sekt: he’s rumored to roam in fogs and mists, but he hides well and not much is known of him. Gehzurolle’ll do anything to make trouble for us. He can even manipulate birds for his end.”

“Birds?” Ralston made a face.

“Not all kinds. Prey birds. That’s why I think Gehzurolle’s involved. Our raven attack seemed too coincidental, especially with this.” He swept his arm about. “Did you hear anything last night?”

“Besides your snoring?"


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Emma Right is a happy wife and homeschooling mother of five. Besides running a busy home, she regularly reads and writes stories for children. An avid Christian, she enjoys writing stories with themes involving family-life, friendship, faithfulness, and seeking wisdom, all in an imaginary fantastical world. She has written several young adult novels and plans on writing many more. Right worked for two advertising agencies and has won several major awards, including the prestigious Clio Award. She currently resides in California where she takes care of her children and her many pets.

Keeper of Reign is a finalist in the reader's Choice Award 2013

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