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Shadow's Moon by Jami Gray

Title: Shadow’s Moon
Author: Jami Gray
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Even a wild heart can be broken…
A blonde, a brunette and a monster walk into a bar and all hell breaks loose.
It should have been the start of a bad joke, but days from a full moon Xander Cade, Tracker for the Northwest Motoki Pack, finds nothing funny about confronting an enraged Shifter in a crowded Portland nightclub filled with unsuspecting humans. The resulting carnage frays an already thin veil of secrecy shielding the supernatural Kyn community from public scrutiny, and ensures she can’t escape the one man she’s been determined to avoid, her Alpha and mate, Warrick Vidis.  Dominating, protective and compelling, Warrick threatens her individuality like no other.
As the Northwest Alpha wolf, compromise isn’t in Warrick Vidis’s vocabulary, but when his reluctant mate, Xander Cade, refuses to leave off the hunt for a killer, he has no qualms using whoever or whatever necessary to protect her or his pack. A series of unusual deaths involving lone wolves, along with anonymous threats against him and his Pack, begin to jeopardize his normal steely control. Add in Xander’s continual reluctance to fully accept their Soul bond, and the line between intellect and instinct begins to blur, leaving him wondering if one woman’s love and acceptance will be enough to save both man and wolf.
As the danger escalates, threatening not just their Pack but those closest to them, Warrick and Xander must find a way to trust each other and accept their rare bond or risk losing everything-their pack, their friends and each other.


You’re just down right evil, Mom,” Xander muttered.
Talon’s soft chuckle reminded Xander of all those times she and Ethan had thought themselves so smart, only to find out their mom was still a step ahead. “I may not have your dad’s sensitivity to scents, but it was a little hard to miss who you’ve been spending time with, dear.”
There was no fighting the blush that bloomed in her cheeks. “He’s fine,” she mumbled.
“Yes, he is,” her mom answered with a hum.
Horrified, she stared at her mother. “Oh gods, Mom! You’re mated!”
“Mated, not dead.” She took a sip of her coffee, her teasing grin fading as she set her cup on the table. “But you, sweetheart, are bonded to the most powerful male in the Northwest. I’m worried.”
Xander dropped her gaze to her cup, turning it in place on the table. Here, in the home she grew up in, safe with the mother who stood beside her through so much, she admitted, “So am I.”
“I’d be more concerned if you weren’t, baby,” her mother chided. “There’s a part of me that wishes you had chosen someone less...”
“Complicated?” Xander stopped her restless movement to look at her mom.
Talon shook her head. “No, I think dominant is the word I’m looking for.”
Xander didn’t bother to stop the small smile that broke through at her mother’s choice of word. “He’s an alpha, Mom. Dominant is one of the requirements for the job.”
“Yes, it is,” Talon answered. “But you put two strong-minded wolves together and no matter how much they love each other, some- one has to bend or they both break. I just don’t want to watch you break.”
A mix of resentment and love rose, leaving Xander floundering. She dropped her hands to her lap to hide her clenching fists. “I don’t break,” she said, pushing the words past her tight chest.
Something close to sympathy flashed over her mother’s face. “That wasn’t what I meant.”
“Then what did you mean?”
Talon sighed. “Do you love Warrick?”
Frowning, Xander sat back in her chair, crossing her arms across her chest. “That’s a stupid question, Mom. Of course, I do.”
“Do you love him enough to be the person he needs you to be?”
Confused, Xander blinked at her mom.

Shadow's Edge (The Kyn Kronicles, #1)Shadow's Edge by Jami Gray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First, I would like to thank the author Jami Gray for giving me this book for an honest review. I enjoyed reading this story very much. The storyline is good. The characters are well defined and written, I love Raine she is a very strong main female character. The paranormal community is known as Kyn and has four main groups. I love paranormal and urban fantasy, the author has done a great job with the world building. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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Shadow's Soul (The Kyn Kronicles, #2)Shadow's Soul by Jami Gray
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First, I would like to thank the author Jami Gray for giving me this book for an honest review. As with Shadow's Edge Book 1, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The storyline is great, the world building is awesome, I love the Kyn community. Raine is still my favorite character. The characters are well developed and defined. I love the world that Jami Gray has given us with her gift for writing. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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Shadow's Moon ~ The Kyn Kronicles ~ Book 3Shadow's Moon ~ The Kyn Kronicles ~ Book 3 by Jami Gray
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First, I would like to thank the author Jami Gray for giving me this book for an honest review. As with Shadow's Edge and Shadow's Soul, I loved this book from beginning to end. Xander is a very strong independant main female character and Warrick is a great main male character. The characters are well developed and written. The world building is great, I love the Kyn community and supernatural groups that make up the community. Jami Gray has become one of my newest favorite authors and I have a few. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. Keep the great work Jami.

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Author Bio

Jami Gray grew up on the Arizona-Mexico border, and was adopted at the age of 14 to suddenly become the fifth eldest of 37 children. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and three minors-History, English, and Theater. (Decision-making was not her forte at the time.)  Shortly after marrying her techie-geek hubby (who moonlighted as her best friend in high school) she completed a Masters in Organizational Management from University of Phoenix Oregon.
Now, years later, she’s back in the Southwest where she’s outnumbered in her own home by two Star Wars obsessed boys, one Star Wars obsessed husband, and an overly-friendly, 105-pound male lab.  Delving into the wild paranormal worlds where romance collides with suspense and Urban Fantasy is queen, manages to salvage her sanity. Or so we let her believe...


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