Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons by Sara C. Levine

What animal would you be if your finger bones grew so long that they reached your feet? Or what if you had no leg bones but kept your arm bones? This picture book will keep you guessing as you read about how human skeletons are like—and unlike—those of other animals.

My Review:  June 19, 2013  ~ Review Copy ~

Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal SkeletonsBone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons by Sara C Levine
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I would like to thank the author Sara C Levine for letting me have this book to read for an honest review. I read this book to my four year old grandson. We had a lot of fun with it, guessing what kind of animals we would be if we had different bones. The book is not to technical so children can understand and have fun with the book at the same time. Great illustration also.

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