Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blood Heavy by S.L.J. Shortt

Seventeen year old Daniel ‘Jerry’ Jericho’s life is thrown into a blender made of claws and fangs when he’s dragged into the middle of the supernatural world he never knew existed. 

After it’s discovered that his blood has the ability to remove the age old weaknesses from which vampires have always suffered, he becomes the most valuable human on the planet. Drinking his blood makes them immune to silver, stakes and even sunlight. But the door swings both ways and locked inside his veins might be the key to creating a permanent cure that would completely eradicate the species. 

Now he’s being hunted by a group of sadistic bloodsuckers, studied by witches, psychics and professors while being protected by a pair of vampire sisters who are constantly on the verge of killing each other. On top of all that he has to deal with teenage hormones and loyal but worried friends as he tries desperately hard to find out what makes his blood so special.

However, the supernatural world might be in for a shock because this kid isn’t going to be a vampire’s happy meal without putting up one hell of a fight. From here on out it’s hunt or be hunted and Daniel Jericho is armed, grinning and ready for some monster killing. But going up against an undead army led by a souped-up ubervamp isn’t exactly a two for one special at the Playboy mansion. 

It’s going to get bloody, but that’s okay because Jerry is blood heavy.

1/8 of the Blood Heavy Series.

My Review:  May 2, 2013   Review Copy ~

Blood Heavy (Blood Heavy, #1)Blood Heavy by S.L.J. Shortt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First, I would like to thank the author S.L.J. Shortt for letting me have this book for an honest reveiw. I will start out with what I did not like, which it had a lot of spelling and grammer mistakes. I also did not really care for the main character going back and forth between Daniel and Jerry when there were not any other charaters introduced in the book with the name Daniel. At times I was annoyed with Daniel and how he was acting like a grade A jerk at different times in the story. I did like the story line, I really enjoyed the banter between Daniel and Cass. I liked how supportive his Uncle Joe and his friends were even when he was acting the jerk. I would like to see where the story leads in the next book, since it is to be continued.

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