Monday, June 10, 2013

Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden

Saari Mitchell sees a psychologist in order to understand why--500 years later--she's still dreaming of her dead lover. Her shrink isn't helping, the nightmares come every time she closes her eyes, and the lack of sleep is interfering with her job at Sacred Heart Hospital. With her psychic ability to heal the human spirit on the fritz, her auric radar becomes as reliable as her spotty cell phone service.

By day, Dhelis Guidry works as a detective for the new Angeles Police Department investigating the missing or murdered women in the Full-Moon Killer case. In his spare time he hunts rogue vampires as a Tueri executioner.

Brogan Vincent is a Tueri healer. Though he could offer his miraculous talents to the rich and powerful, he has chosen anonymity and peace by only using his psychic abilities among the Tueri.

One look into Saari's tri-colored eyes and both men realize she is Tueri. One touch tells them each she's their soul mate. But can either of them protect her from the Full-Moon Killer?

My Review:  June 6, 2013  Review Copy ~

Moonlight BleuMoonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First I would like to thank Renee Rearden for giving me this book for review. There were a couple of spelling errors but not anything that would make reading the book unenjoyable. I really loved the story. Saari is a very strong main female character and I enjoyed her very much. Dhelis matches her heat very much and Brogan keeps her grounded. They make a perfect match all three of them even though it is hard for Dhelis to come to terms with it. They have to come to terms with their match in the mean time, Saari has been seeing a psychologist who happens to be crazy. Dhelis and his cousin are partners on the police department hunting serial killers. The story had me so involved instead of writing my review right after I read this book I went to the second book.

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