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Last Hope Alaska by Linda Trout


Last Hope Alaska by Linda Trout
Publication Date: August 20, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense



Emily Redfern's ex-fiancé learned to kill on the back streets of New York. Now, she is his target. Broke, exhausted, and a step ahead of the man she once loved, she clings to one last hope: the wilds of Alaska. The quiet safety of her hide-a-way becomes addictive as she grows to care for the man who offers her refuge.

Released from prison after a wrongful conviction, native Alaskan Sam Tarkington is determined to regain his business, repair his reputation, and rebuild his life. But when he meets a desperate and vulnerable woman, guarding secrets of her own, she tugs at his heart. She's a distraction he can't afford. Sam must choose Emily or achieving his dreams.

Like Emily's life, the peacefulness of the wilderness is an illusion as danger lurks in the distance. Does Sam hold the key to her survival or will her past cost them everything?



His breath fanned her cheek as he stopped only inches away from her. His shadow blocked the sun. He tilted her chin and lifted one corner of his lips in a knowing smile. Then he lowered his head and pressed his lips gently against hers in a simple taste. He pulled back with a surprised look. Hesitating only a moment longer, he then took her mouth with a hunger that rattled her senses. The kiss was much more than she had anticipated. Never in her life had she experienced such a connection, such wanton need. Sam wrapped his arms around her, crushing her breasts against the hard planes of his body. She inched her fingers into his hair and allowed him to deepen the kiss. Emily lost herself in his touch, the caresses up and down her back. She moved closer. Oh, yes. This was what she… With a jolt her world came crashing back. What was she doing? She opened her eyes, taking in the forest around them. She pushed against his chest to break the kiss. Reluctantly he released her, and she met his gaze. Her cheeks heated with how she’d reacted to him. “We can’t—”

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When you’re reading a book, what kind of hero do you like? Sexier than sin, unassuming, quiet, boisterous, cowboy, jaded/jilted, military or former military, law enforcement, quiet-behind the scenes kind of guy, or rich and always in charge never meeting an obstacle he can’t overcome?

If I were reading this list, my response would simply be, “Yes.” As in, yes to all of the above. 

There are as many different kinds of hero’s as there are men in the world. Sometimes, even the bad guy in one book becomes the hero a few books later. Hey, everyone can change, can’t they? Unless the villain is pure evil, there’s always some redeeming quality in him.

So far I haven’t written one of those…a bad guy who later saw the “error” of his ways. I like reading about them, though.

Personally, I like a variety of hero’s in my ‘diet.’ If I read the same thing over and over, even if it’s with different authors, I get bored. Then I’ll usually switch form suspense to regency or inspirational. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

Do you find you read certain authors BECAUSE of the type of hero’s they write and stick with them no matter what? Or do you like to switch it up like I do? If you have a favorite, tell me.

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about author

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A retired oil & gas accountant, Linda Trout is a true romantic at heart, living with her real life hero and various dogs and cats in northeastern Oklahoma. They own ten acres of semi-wooded land, where the “wild” keeps creeping forward at a pace faster than they can keep up with. Getting lost in a good book is one of her favorite pastimes as well as riding alongside her hubby on their Harley’s.


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