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VBT - The Devil's Wife by Holly Hunt with Interview


1) First, tell us about yourself – where  you live, your family, and those sorts of details.

My name's Holly Hunt, and I spend my days as a butcher. No, that's not a typo, I cut up meat for a living. Far cry from an author, ey? I live with my fiancé Matthew, in a small, two-bedroom apartment with a small backyard. In which I have a worm farm/vegetable garden, a dozen daffodils (I looove daffodils), fruit trees and a few bonsai. I'm good at managing space.

2) How long have you been writing?

I've been writing since I was fifteen (for those keeping score, that’s about 8 years). I wrote a very, very long epic while I was still in high school, but graduated to actual stories after. It's more fun than doing normal teenage things, and the fun gets better as you get older.

3) Do you have a favorite place to write?

I write in all kinds of places, but the easiest has to be the back of class. What a role model I am. I've written four of my seven published books at the back of a classroom. Now that I'm out of school and in the real world, I've found it a little harder to write. I'm thinking about returning to university to help with the writers' block.

4) Why did you decide to write The Devil's Wife?

I found a short story in the back of a draw, called Lucifer's Life. I thought that there were still good ideas in the story, so I went back and rewrote it into a dark, terrible fantasy. Then, to lighten it a little, I introduced a talking cat. Who doesn't like talking cats?

5) Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Aspen Grigori. There's just something about that cat that makes me smile (and makes others smile too, apparently. As sly, scheming and trustworthy being, Aspen is Clarissa's helping hand and protector – just watch out if he gets mad!

6) How about your least favorite character?  What makes them less appealing to you?

God. She's a bureaucrat. Who really likes them?

7) Do you proofread/edit your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

I read and re-read them, then I print them out and read over them again, adding stuff in. The second time, I take stuff out. Only then is it fit to be shown to my mother/editor.

8) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love plants; there's nothing better. If I can spend a day out in the garden, up to my elbows in dirt and worms, and slowly getting sunburned, I am happy as a pig in mud.

9) Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I used to read a lot, but the urge has fallen out of me lately. I always love Garth Nix, Traci Harding and Jennifer Fallon – the best of Australian fantasy.

10) If there was one world you wish you'd thought of, what is it and how would it be different?

I wish I'd thought of Narnia. CS Lewis leaves so much extra there that could be changed and played with. Aslan, the Dawn Treader, all of them could be expanded on, explained, and made so much more modern.

Dark Urban Fantasy
Date Published: March 2011

“Sit down and open your mind. Everyone knows ‘Devil’ means ‘Darkness’ and ‘God’ means ‘Light’. “But history is always written by the winning side.”

Lucifer Morningstar is a law-abiding, upstanding gentleman of New York City.

Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil.

The owner of powerful magic, Lucifer could have the world at his feet, if not for his apathy and loneliness. Deprived of the ability to understand the emotions of others and his power depleted, Lucifer is no longer able to help even his houseplants.

But there’s a problem with God’s plan to eliminate the Devil forever: Lucifer is fighting Her more than he ever did. He’s found a reason to survive, someone to stand by him through the rough and smooth of his life.

He’s found a new wife.

Clarissa Avario opens Lucifer’s eyes to the darkest side of the real world, full of paedophiles, murderers, rapists and thieves.

Can Clarissa convince Lucifer to do more than stand back and watch the city fall apart? The Devil will do anything to fix Clarissa’s world, including take on Heaven.

And he will kill anything, God, Demon or Angel, that gets in his way.


"Fine." Jehovah looked back to Sam. "If you won't lead by my side, then I'm going to strip your love and your power from you. You can lead the family you doomed, and live forever with the sins of mankind."
Sam tried to protest, but the floor opened under his feet, the crevasse reaching below me and sending me falling through space. He fell with me, trying desperately to grab my hand. I fought against Jehovah's magic, and got one wing free of her hold. I flapped it, frantic, panicked, trying to lift myself back to Seventh Heaven, where Jehovah watched us.
She made a tearing motion, and pain flew across my back and up my wings. I felt them ripped from me, the sinews, the muscles, the skin splitting apart from my body.
I screamed, feeling Her magic smother me, preventing me from healing my wings. Sam was torn away from me, while I screamed, blood pouring from my back and off into the air like scarlet rain.
"Lucifer!" I shrieked as I hit the treetops.
The ground rushed up to meet me, and I felt every bone in my body break. My skin split from the force, and I was conscious just long enough to watch my heart stop beating as my Sam landed beside it.

Holly Hunt

An author living in Canberra, Australia, Holly Hunt writes a collection of works including Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror and Romance. Currently undergoing an apprenticeship in Butchery, Holly spends her days off writing and watching superhero cartoons.

Holly lives with her partner, Matthew, in a one-bedroom flat crammed with comics and movie memorabilia. She dreams of one day owning a big garden, three dogs and a cat, and can’t wait until that day gets here.


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