Monday, May 20, 2013

Infernal Eighteen by Don A Martinez

Alanna Sharpe is going to Hell …

In hiding for half a year after discovering her father Cole Sharpe has become General Tyrelius Scolar, her feared enemy, she is brought back into the fold of the insurgency against the New Empire of America by Gabe Francis … a man she distrusts because of his habit of holding back vital information.

Her friends still support her in her mission to reunite her family, but that mission takes an unexpected turn when the insurgents capture Scolar. Gabe reveals to Alanna that Scolar is indeed Cole, but is also simply a body lacking its original soul, that of her father. 

In a quiet moment, alone with the comatose body, Alanna catches snippets of a message.

“Find me …”

The search for her father’s soul will cross over many planes of existence, from the world of the living to the mystical realm of Avalon, ultimately leading into the Inferno of Hell. Led through the many circles of damnation by a former family enemy-turned-guide, Alanna must now endure all of Hell’s torments and follow her father’s path if she ever wants to be reunited with him.

To have any chance of reuniting her family, Alanna must bring her father back from damnation’s grasp.

My Review:  April 11, 2013  Review Copy ~

Infernal Eighteen (Phantom Squadron #4)Infernal Eighteen by Don A. Martinez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first want to thank the author for allowing me to get his books for honest reviews. I really like how he keeps you wanting to know more. The characters are believable, I fealt for Alanna through the whole story. Her trip through hell to save her fathers soul is very interesting and she learns though the whole experience that hell is not a place she wants to end up. It seems Gabe makes sure she learns what she needs to even though she gets mad that he keeps things from her because she needs to learn them on her own. I am looking forward to the next book in the series, great job Don.

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