Monday, May 20, 2013

The Insurgent's Journal by Don A. Martinez

The United States is no more. The New Empire of America holds power now.

The people of the former U.S.A now live in the "glory" of President-for-Life Carleton Regent, his wife and Vice President Jennifer, and the immensely powerful Supernatural Suppression Agency.

Their goal: eliminate all supernaturals!

A victim of the SSA's purges is Alanna Sharpe, now missing her supernatural parents Ariel and Cole. Summoned by her parents' former ally Gabe Francis, she takes the burden of her Sharpe birthright ... the Sword of the Guardsman.

Gabe presents Alanna with a quest. To save her parents, she must bring down the New Empire of America!

Alanna pushes forth against the SSA and its field commander, General Tyrelius Scolar. But will Alanna be prepared for the haunting secret behind the rise of Scolar, the SSA, and the New Empire?

My Review:  April 8, 2013  Review Copy ~

The Insurgent's Journal (Phantom Squadron #3)The Insurgent's Journal by Don A. Martinez
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book, it kept me hooked until the end. I like the characters, I was able to feel for them, especially Alanna. I thought is was odd how Don inserted himself in the story as a reporter, I do not recall reading an author doing that before. It wasn't a bad thing, just odd to me. He is good at adding in politics that make the whole story feel real. I was at a loss when Alanna was at the refuge and the council wanted to talk to her, when instead of going in for what most would think would be a question answer session and gave a speech. The end left me wanting more, which is a good thing since I am going on to review the next one. Good job Don, I look forward to reading more.

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