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Rogue Wave by Christie Anderson


Rogue Wave is Book 2 in the Water Keepers series.
After five months of blissful pretending, Sadie and Rayne are practically the couple of the year. At least, according to Sadie's friends at school they are. But she knows the truth. Their feelings are just an illusion. Now, with graduation and college right around the corner, Sadie realizes she can't put off the inevitable any longer. She has to make a choice. Take the easy way out and run away from her problems, as usual, or move forward with courage and discover her own destiny. But when Ash Hastings, the son of the black-eyed man who almost drove Sadie to her death last November and Rayne's supposed best friend, makes an unnerving appearance in Sadie's life again, the path to her future takes an unexpected turn. And this time, Sadie's life isn't the only one in danger.

I groaned and let my forehead fall to the book on the table, mumbling as I spoke into the hard surface. “I’m seriously…going to fail this class.”
“You’re not going to fail,” he said, lightly placing his hand on my back. “Come on, we’ll figure it out together."
I had been worrying about this assignment ever since fourth period, when Mr. Reed decided to tie my head into crazy knots, but with Rayne, it actually seemed doable—or at least, less likely to send me to the loony bin.
My smile returned, and I lifted my head in his direction. “Well, I guess we should—” The words caught in my throat. I turned so quickly I didn’t realize how close he was. His face was only inches away. “We...uh,” I said, stumbling as his stare locked on mine.
I knew I should move, but I couldn’t look away. Heat spread through my body. This wasn’t the first time I’d caught myself staring into his amazing green eyes and wishing I could indulge myself with the touch of his lips. Even after five months of learning to suppress the bonding effect from the Healing Water, it still didn’t feel any easier.
It was hard to believe that after so many close calls, neither of us had given in to the desire. I saw it in his eyes. He wanted to kiss me. He was just as tempted to act on the urges as I was. But every time I caught myself staring into his eyes, longing for his touch, his lips…I just remembered one important thing—none of it was real.

About Christie Anderson

CHRISTIE ANDERSON grew up in Southern California and goes back to visit every year. She is a graduate of Brigham Young University and recently moved to Colorado with her husband. Visit her Web site at

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Rogue Wave (The Water Keepers, #2)Rogue Wave by Christie Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, I would like to thank the author Christie Anderson for giving me this book for an honest review. I am enjoying this series, I like the characters and the world building is really good. I look forward to reading more.

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