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Daemon Persuasion by S.K. Gregory


Samantha GregoryAuthor Bio
Samantha Gregory lives in Northern Ireland. She has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves the supernatural/horror genre. She works as a freelance journalist and enjoys reading and playing guitar.
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About The Book
Book genre - Fantasy/horror.
Publisher - Mockingbird Lane Press, Maynard AR, USA.
Release Date - January 2013

Daemon PersuasionSynopsis

When Mackenzie Murphy goes looking for her father she finds herself caught in the middle of a demon war between three rival families. Still trying to master her own demon abilities, who can she trust to help her? The mysterious Lucien? Or Taryn, the son of the enemy? With all three families hunting for a talisman that could shift the balance of power, Mackenzie must get to it first and finish what her father started, or die trying.


Mackenzie sat tapping her foot nervously, waiting for her mother to appear. She shifted in the hard plastic chair trying to get comfortable. She hated this place with the cold stares from the inmates and the prison guards watching her every move. Mostly, she hated the fact that her mother had to be here for the next twenty years.
Her mother had no memory of the night Ray died. She had been found lying by his body. He had been stabbed with a kitchen knife fourteen times.
Her lawyer had called it self-defense, the judge had called it murder one. All Mackenzie knew was that Ray had gotten exactly what he deserved and her mother was being punished for it.
Annie finally appeared, her face pale and drawn. Her blonde hair, so different from Mackenzie’s own dark curls, hung limp and unwashed. She moved like a woman twice her age. Shuffling towards the table, her eyes lit up when she saw Mackenzie.
Baby, how are you?” she said, clutching her hand.
I’m fine, are you okay? Do you need anything?”
No, I have everything I need,” her mother, replied. She stared at Mackenzie, taking everything in.
Mom, don’t do the staring thing.”
You look great. How’s school?” she asked.
School’s great,” Mackenzie replied. At least it was the last time she rode past it. She had tried the whole school thing for about half a semester but it hadn’t worked out. She just pretended she was still there to keep her mother happy.
Do you have a boyfriend yet?”
No. I’m concentrating on school.” It bothered her sometimes how easily she could lie and how convincing she could be. It was a useful skill at work but she hated lying to her mother.
Good, that’s good,” Annie said, patting her hand.
What’s that?” her mother asked, pulling back her sleeve to reveal a bad scrape.
It’s nothing.” Mackenzie pulled her arm away.
Did someone do that to you?”
No, I had an accident. I came off my motorbike.
Motorbike? Your daddy used to ride a motorbike,” she said.
He did?” Her mother never went into any detail about her father. He had left her before Mackenzie was born. When Mackenzie was younger, Annie would lament about their summer together but she never gave any useful information away. All she knew was that her father was called Sebastian King. She had done a few searches online for him but she couldn’t find any matches.
Yes. I remember he was fixing it when we first met. It broke down outside the bakery, where I worked. He was so handsome.
Why did he leave you?” Mackenzie asked. In the past when she would ask questions, her mother would shut down and refuse to answer. Lately though she seemed to have trouble discerning fantasy from reality and she was talking more and more about him.
He was in trouble. He was only in town to visit Mr. Black”
Mr. Black?” she said, trying not to push.
He owned a pawn store. He was only planning to stay for a couple of days but he was there for three months.” Her mother’s eyes clouded over as she was caught up in the memory.
That was more information than Mackenzie had ever heard. She wondered if this Mr. Black knew where her father was. She had often thought about him over the years, where he was now, whether he even knew about her. Her mom didnt know she was pregnant until after he was gone.
The bakery you worked in, was that in your home town?”
Her mother nodded, “Yeah, its this tiny little town. When I was younger all I wanted to do was come to LA and now not a day goes by that I dont wish I was back in East Falls.
East Falls. She finally had a name, somewhere to start.
Maybe we can go back there when you get out,” Mackenzie said.
Her mother realized what she had said, “You wouldn’t want to go there honey. It is nothing like LA and I know you. You’re a city girl.”
I wouldn’t mind roughing it for a few days,” she replied.
 “No, Mac. The past is the past. Leave it where it is.”


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