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Excerpt Tour - Reign of Shadows by Melissa Wright

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the third book in the YA/NA Urban Fantasy Descendants Series:
Reign of Shadows
By Melissa Wright

Reign of Shadows
(Descendants #3)
By Melissa Wright

Brianna can see her future, but it’s the past that haunts her. Plans laid in place centuries ago are threatening not only her and her sister, but all of the Seven Lines. As the shadows plot their way to old rule, the visions shift again. Her power has led to some hard choices—and the occasional stab wound—but this set of futures holds nothing but darkness.

Unable to bear the idea of losing the footing they've so recently gained, she turns the soldiers of the Seven. But with shadows hidden among the ranks, can she overcome the path they've set in place, or is she blindly following their lead?

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Excerpt:  18

Chapter Eight

Brianna stared up at the canopy of her bed, vague memories of the foster families they’d lived with through the months they’d been on the run teasing at the back of her mind. “Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a cookout?” She flexed her right foot where it crossed over the ankle of her left. “You know, just invite the neighbors over and sit by the pool. Maybe watch some fireworks after dark.”
Logan’s lips pursed. “Hot dogs are over rated.”
She shook her head, shifting so that her denim-covered leg touched his. “You’re cooking them wrong.”
He laughed, turning to see her. “How’s that?”
“You have to smother them in chili and that radioactive-yellow cheese sauce, and then you cover the whole thing with a bag of corn chips.”
“That’s not a cookout,” he said. “That’s carnival food.”
She looked at him. “To just be normal. To not have to fight?”
He rolled toward her, placed a hand on her hip. “Where’s the fun in that?”
She sighed, twisting her palm away from her stomach, and drew the power through it again. She held up a small metal pin with her other hand, showing Logan how he’d be able to use the gifts she would give him. “Electromagnetic,” she said, releasing to pin to watch it slip into the space above her palm and then pulling it free again to hold to the side. “Arc.” She released the electricity, a thin line of spark shooting to the pin in her hand, and then dropped it, keeping the power in check. “And fire.” She pushed again, adding the energy required to ignite a flame.
“Enough,” he said, wrapping his hand around hers. “I trust you, Brianna.”
She turned to her side, facing him. “If the old texts are right, you’ll probably have some skill with mass as well. Gravity.”
He ran a thumb down her cheek to smooth out her distress. “Whatever you need from me, Brianna. Whatever it takes.”
“It will use a lot of energy,” she explained. “And your kind, the Seven Lines, doesn’t have as much in reserve. They’ll be stronger than you, Logan. As a general rule, any of them you come in contact with will be able to overpower you.”
“I understand. Don’t engage unless we’re forced to, use some sense.”

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About the Author

Melissa Wright is the author of the Frey Saga and the new Descendants series. Melissa spends her time working on novels, but when not writing she can be found on Goodreads and Pinterest.

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