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Cover Reveal - Wanderamid's Crystal Ball by I.V. Phillips

Wanderamid's Crystal Ball - Cover Reveal
By I V Phillips
Date Published: June 2012

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   When a powerful witch has an idea that will get her back to her home world known as,Wanderamid, it backfires.

The spell she created the night before had already begun. The clouds in the sky became thicker and darkness increased greatly with silent flickering lights of lightning. It was too late to put a stop to it, and no one could change it, not even her.


Ms. Winterton gasped when the officers pointed their firearms, straight at them. Her mouth froze open, surprised by their reaction.
“No,” Officer Morley began to explain calmly, “She is not a witch. Please put the guns down. We just want to show you, what you’ve been asking us.”
“That book just grew, Morley! We saw it! Only a witch could do that!” Officer Wysor shouted, pointing his gun away from them and onto the grimoire.
Officer Oxnard remained speechless and wide-eyed.
“She’s trying to find her daughter, just like Ms. Kennings is trying to find her son. Now if you want to see what is going on, you can’t get excited like this or we won’t be able to show you. Do you understand that?” He tried to convince them as firmly and calmly as possible.
Officer Oxnard nodded, signaling him to lower his gun as he did, still keeping it in hand. They were not fully convinced to put them away completely.
“Look at their eyes!” Ms. Kennings shouted, pointing at the three felines that came out from the corner, with glowing green eyes.
She startled the officers and they quickly aimed their guns at the felines.
Officer Morley rolled his eyes. “Will you sit down? They’re only cats!”
“I never saw cats with eyes like those,” she responded stiffly.
“They’re not normal… I mean… they’re normal, but… well… I don’t know what I mean. All I know is that they won’t harm you. Please, sit so we can get on with this,” he tiredly shook his head.
The officers and Ms. Kennings sat down slowly while they kept a close watch on the felines. Ms. Winterton took a deep breath as she thought about where to begin her story, and how to make it believable as possible, as her eyes made contact with those she had to convince.
“Ms. Kennings," she spoke softly, "… Rena and Jodon are together, in another world."
“They killed them!” Her eyes widened with fear. “They killed….”
“No! No!” Officer Morley immediately stood.
The other officers stood right after and aimed their guns at them, again.
“What are you doing?”
“You heard her! You both killed them!” Officer Wysor yelled. “I’m placing you both under arrest! Anything….”
“Stop, Wysor!” he demanded and then calmly added, “We didn’t kill them. They're alive.”
“What?” Ms. Kennings asked stunned. “Then where are they?”
“Ms. Winterton told you. They’re in another world.”
“They did kill them! Bring me to my son!”

Irene V. Phillips is the author of Wanderamid's Crystal Ball. Her fascination with magic, dreams and paranormal beliefs transpires throughout the Fantasy-Fiction novel.

Born and raised in New Jersey, she currently resides in Florida with her teenage son.

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